Building Community, Together

Community Leadership Training

Our 6-week workshop-based training builds confidence in growth mindsest methods; these methods become practice, and in an ongoing practice we cultivate community capacity. With four programs built for youth, retirees, adults, and companies, we tailor our Community Studio methodology to each cohort respectively.

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Community Organizing

We help support pilot initiatives and proof of concept ideas (POCs) so that meaningful and aligned work has the chance to get moving. Supporting through financing, space, network, and methodology, we help communities of interest, action, place, practice, and circumstance organize. Helping create a better South Bend? Let's talk.

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Our Mission

At NRC South Bend, it is our mission to build community capacity by facilitating a methodology of practice amongst South Bend community members, leaders, and organizations through community organizing and community leadership training.

Facilitating the Building of Community Capacity

Since 1993, NRC South Bend has led South Bend’s community organizing efforts with leadership development, effective organizing toolkits, assisting with community stabilization, cultivating community leadership, and resource partnerships. Programs tailored to the needs of the community continues to be our focus. In doing so, we continuously connect with, survey groups of, and listen to individuals throughout our community. Our vision: a connected, informed, and empowered South Bend where communities are moving forward together on meaningful work, will be realized when we embody our mission everyday.

Get involved in the meaningful work around your community by working together.


Community Partners

South Bend Heritage Foundation

Average donation: $30 or $10/month

Getting Involved


Give your time to help build community around South Bend - when you give your time you bring your lived experiences, professional experiences, skills, culture, and energy. Share your time with us.


Share in community building by leading one effort that others can help support.

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Bringing people together has exponential benefits. The respect and beauty of groups comes with great responsibility. Help us facilitate organizing the South Bend community - we approach community organizing with three levels: 1. Bringing people together, 2. Together in alignment, and 3. Together in alignment with intent.


What is going on

You Can Help

To provide community-based training and organizing that facilitates building greater capacity

among the lives, on the streets, and in the homes of South Bend residents.